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Welcome to Craft Beer Importers Canada Inc. Established in 2011, we are Canada's premier beer importing agency. Creating fine craft beer has always been a timeless tradition and the pioneers who create these beers are Rembrandts of the modern age.

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Our premium beer brands can be found in the following provinces:

- Alberta
- British Columbia
- Saskatchewan
- Manitoba
- Ontario
- Maritimes


  • 2016 LeapYear Edition CraftPacK™   "One beer for 2016. One beer for 2020."


    Some people get excited for the extra hour of sleep they get when Daylight SavingsTime ends in the fall, but that's nothing compared to the whole extra DAY we get in a leap year! To celebrate this quadrennial event, we put together this special pack of beer!  After all, you have a whole extra day to drink beer this year.  Not only that, but this beer was specially designed to be tasty today and also suitable for aging.  So this pack contains two bottles, one for you to drink on now and one to be cellared until 2020.